Jardinera No. 1 Mine, Atacama Region, Chile
For the collector who has everything, perhaps this piece will be something new. The rare sulfate szenicsite has only been found in two localities in the world. One is in Arizona and are very tiny crystals on matrix and the other (and much better) is in Chile. The szenicsite mineral was found around 1990 and was found in a 1 meter isolated area containing cavities in a matrix that contained high amounts of copper and molybdenite. This mineral is a copper - molybdenite sulfate. After the initial 1 meter, the copper concentration in the rock significantly lessens, making this an incredibly rare macrocrystalline mineral. It forms on matrix (many pieces have little or no matrix) with the also rare and fluorescent cuprian powellite. The powellite can be seen as small crystals of lime green on the outer edges of the matrix. The mineral was approved as a new species in 1993 and named after the famous US collectors Terry and Marissa Szenics. Terry Szenics runs the Shelter Rock website and often writes helpful hand written notes with his specimens
6 x 4 x 4 cm

Szenicsite and Cuprian Powellite

Jardinera No. 1 Mine, Atacama Region, Chile
Minerals Stellerite Szenicsite
Miniature - 6 x 4 x 4 cm